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Cooperation with international organizations
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International organizations


World Trade Organization (WTO)

The Republic of Azerbaijan cooperates with WTO as an observer member since 1997. The Committee prepares answers to the questions on the issues within the competence of the Committee on TBT and TRIPS Agreements by the request of members of the Working Group on Accession of the Republic of Azerbaijan to WTO. These questions are presented each year and the Committee takes appropriate steps on harmonization of existing legislation and institutional framework with the WTO law. The Committee is also represented in this Working Group and regularly participates at its meetings. The employees of the Committee also participate at the relevant WIPO/WTO joint seminars/trainings and WTO courses (including E-learning courses).

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

The Committee closely cooperates with WIPO and on 14 May 2014, the “Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the World Intellectual Property Organization” was signed during the official visit of Mr. Francis Gurry, DG of WIPO to Azerbaijan. The Action Plan 2014-2017 was developed on the basis of the mentioned MoU. Several events are foreseen within this Action Plan for the upcoming years.

Moreover, the Committee started the negotiations with the WIPO Academy and the first fact finding/needs assessment mission is foreseen in April 2015. This will support the Committee in the establishment and operation of the Training Center on industrial property rights. The experts of the Committee regularly take part at the General Assemblies of WIPO, as well as the relevant meetings of its Committees and WIPO/WTO joint seminars/trainings and distance learning programs.

Other UN specialized agencies (UNIDO, UNECE, UNDAF)

The Committee closely cooperates with the relevant UN specialized agencies (UNIDO-United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNECE-United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNDAF-United Nations Development Framework Assistance) and participates at their training, meetings and seminars.

Cooperation Framework Programme 20142018 was adopted between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and UNIDO.

In the chapter 6 of the Program cooperation perspectives in the field of standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and testing are considered.


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Since 2003 the Committee is a full member of ISO and currently takes part at its following Technical Committees:

  • ISO/IEC JTC 1 - Information technology (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 28 - Petroleum products and related products of synthetic or biological origin (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 34 - Food products (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 34/SC 14 - Fresh, dry and dried fruits and vegetables (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 47 - Chemistry (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 59 - Buildings and civil engineering works (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 67 - Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 136 - Furniture (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 147 - Water quality (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 176 - Quality management and quality assurance (O-Member)
  • ISO/TC 211 - Geographic information/Geomatics (O-Member)
  • ISO/REMCO - Committee on reference materials (O-Member)

The Committee also takes part at ISO’s General Assemblies, as well as participates at the following Committees:

  • ISO/CASCO - Committee on conformity assessment (O-Member)
  • ISO/COPOLCO - Committee on consumer policy (O-Member)
  • ISO/DEVCO - Committee on developing country matters (P-Member)

The Committee was a beneficiary of ISO “Institutional Strengthening Project of National Standardization Bodies (NSBs) of Developing Countries” during 2012-2013 during which expert mission of ISO’s independent expert was conducted for needs assessment and several trainings and seminars on ISO/IEC 17011 and 17025 international standards were held. Furthermore, in the framework of the mentioned project on June 18-20, 2013 the “Forum for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of National Standardization Bodies (NSBs) in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia@ was hosted in Baku by ISO and the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Along with the Republic of Azerbaijan at the event took part Romania, Croatia, Belarus, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc. senior officials of the national authorities in the field of technical regulation and standardization including Secretary General of ISO Mr. Rob Steel. The aim of organizing the event was, according to international requirements to study the level of development of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment areas, take the necessary measures to provide mutual relations and highlight the role of creation and development of national standardization bodies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In the framework of the mentioned project the independent expert of ISO Mr. Graham Holloway organized a training for the experts of Azerbaijan Standardization and Certification Institute of the Committee on 21-22 June 2012 on the online sale of ISO standards, and copyright protection issues, also he trained the members of the technical committees on the issues of online voting on ISO standard projects.

Moreover, within the framework of the mentioned project the expert of the Committee took part at the study tour to Austrian Standardization Organization in 2012. Currently, the experts of the Committee participate at the relevant seminars and training organized by ISO DEVCO Action Plan for developing countries 2011-2015.

Codex Alimentarius

On the basis of the Decision of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan the Committee has been designated as a National Codex Contact Point.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

The Committee participates at the Affiliate Program of IEC for the developing countries since 2011. Participating at this program creates an opportunity to obtain the relevant IEC standards (around 200; after adoption of 50 standards the member became Affiliate plus and can obtain 400 standards free of charge). Furthermore, The Committee through Azerbaijan Standardization and Certification Institute participates at Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status program of IEC.

International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)

The State Accreditation Service under the Committee in order to develop the international relations of the Committee became an affiliate member to ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) since 2012.

The main activities of ILAC as international organization are the followings:

  • development and harmonization of accreditation practice of laboratories and inspection bodies
  • support of development accreditation system
  • international recognition of the activities of laboratories and inspection bodies, and facilitation of acceptation of the certificates, as well as inspections and calibration results at the boundaries.

The membership to ILAC will enable to obtain new standards in the field of accreditation, to get free of charge adopted normative documents for accreditation and apply directly at the accreditation system of the Republic of Azerbaijan and to participate in the exchange of knowledge and experience in this field.

At the same time membership to this organization will give a large opportunity to exchange of experience on elimination of trade barriers, of scientific technical information and technologies.

The benefits of the membership of ILAC are the followings:

  • to participate at the ILAC MRA-Mutual Recognition Arrangement and correspondingly provide the international recognition of the state accreditation activities
  • to create contacts with experienced accreditation systems in order to develop state accreditation system and to benefit from their experience
  • to exchange of experience by establishing contacts in the field of accreditation of laboratories, conformity assessment and  standardization with other developing accreditation systems
  • to represent the national interests at the international level in the field of conformity assessment
  • to participate at the annual ILAC General Assembly
  • to participate at the ILAC's political and technical issues, marketing, laboratories and participate at the committees on support of the new accreditation system
  • to get acquainted with ILAC's periodic reports and news;
  • to get the final draft documents of ILAC through the website in order to comment
  • to raise awareness about the importance of industry, government and trade representatives, testing and calibration services to other users about the importance of accreditation.

Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)

The Committee cooperates with ECO and takes part, as well as hosts the meetings of its Coordination Committee on Industrial Property Rights. The Committee also takes part at the meetings of ECO-UNIDO joint project on quality infrastructure.


General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM)

The Committee became an associative member of CGPM since January 2015 and signed CIPM MRA (International Committee on Weights and Measures Mutual recognition Arrangement).

Conference on Weights and Measures (Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures, CGPM) is made up of delegates of the governments of the Member States and observers from the Associates of the CGPM.

The General Conference receives the report of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) on work accomplished; it discusses and examines the arrangements required to ensure the propagation and improvement of the International System of Units (SI); it endorses the results of new fundamental metrological determinations and various scientific resolutions of international scope; and it decides all major issues concerning the organization and development of the BIPM, including the dotation of the BIPM.

CIPM MRA is the framework through which National Metrology Institutes demonstrate the international equivalence of their measurement standards and the calibration and measurement certificates they issue. The outcomes of the Arrangement are the internationally recognized (peer-reviewed and approved) Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) of the participating institutes.

International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)

The Committee became a corresponding member of OIML since January 2015.

Corresponding Members:

  • receive information on OIML work in the same way as Member States,
  • have access to all OIML Publications,
  • may participate in the technical work of OIML Project Groups, without voting rights, but their comments on drafts are taken into account in the same way as Member States' comments,
  • may attend the meetings of the OIML Conference and International Committee of Legal Metrology, but without voting rights, and
  • may participate in the DoMCs under the OIML MAA as Associates and consequently accept type evaluation reports issued by Issuing Participants. They receive information about the operation of the DoMCs and about the assessment of Issuing Participants.


Regional organizations

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

The Committee became an associative member to CEN in 2010 and has close relations with this organization. The Committee regularly participates at the General Assembly meetings, as well as takes relevant measures for the harmonization of national standards with European (EN) standards.

Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification

The Committee has close cooperation with Interstate Council since 90s and actively takes part at its annual meetings, as well as at its National Scientific-Technical Committees and Working Groups on standardization, metrology, accreditation, conformity assessment and state control issues.

Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (SMIIC)

The Committee cooperates with SMIIC very closely and took part at its General Assemblies, as well as at the meetings of its Technical Committees on halal food, halal cosmetics issues, as well as renewable energy and agricultural processes.

Interregional Standardization Association (BASB)

The Committee cooperates with BASB very closely and took part at its General Assemblies, as well as at the meetings of its Technical Council.

Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO)

The Committee closely cooperates with EAPO and takes part at its trainings.



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