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Aims and Duties
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State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the central executive power authority realizing the state policy and regulation in the fields of technical regulations, standardization, metrology, conformity assessment, accreditation, quality management as well as in the field the protection of industrial property objects
Committee has the following tasks:

-within the limits of its power, to realize the regulatory control in the corresponding field, to carry out the relevant work, in order to improve the regulatory legal basis governing this field and to bring it into compliance with international requirements;
- within the limits of its power, to provide the execution of the international treaties, a party of which is the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- to realize the state metrology control; to approve the state units of measurement; to provide the comparative checking and calibration of measuring instruments; in accordance with legislation, to control the calibration and comparative checking of measuring instruments, carried out by the metrological services of legal persons; to provide the attestation of measurement methods; to realize the state metrology control over prepackaging of goods; to carry out the state testing of measuring instruments; to approve the type of the measuring instruments and to issue a relevant document;

- to organize the publication of official information about state standards, technical specifications, branch standards, international (regional) and intergovernmental standards, norms, rules and recommendations on standards, national standards of foreign countries, international (regional), intergovernmental treaties on standardization, and about the rules for their application;
- within the limits of its power, to control and to improve the State Fund of regulatory documents on technical regulations and standardization;

- to coordinate the activity of executive power authorities realizing in the corresponding field the state control over the conformity of the products with the requirements of regulatory documents;

- within the limits of its power, to realize the state control over the observance to the requirements of regulatory documents, technical regulations as well as the state standards which are in mutual relation with them or to the obligatory requirements of other regulatory documents in the fields of technical regulations or standardization, as well as the observance to the indices declared by the manufacturer or the seller of the product, during service rendering, production, sale, utilization, transportation, exploitation and storage of products;
- to take the measures defined by legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to protect the consumer market from low-quality, dangerous and counterfeit products;

- to take measures for preventing the production, sale, use, realization, import of the products (services) capable to affect the health and life of the people their property and environment, as well as inappropriate with the requirements of regulatory documents of the Republic of Azerbaijan or the international, regional, intergovernmental and other states' standards recognized in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- to take measures for protecting consumer market from the products (services) which do not meet the requirements of regulatory documents and which are not certified, though ought to be;

- to provide the application and improvement of National Conformity Approval System and to control the observance to its requirements;

- to coordinate the works carried out for the certification of products (services) and quality management systems and to implement the control over them;

- to establish, apply and improve the National Accreditation System, to carry out the works related with the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, testing laboratories (centers) and in accordance with legislation to control their activity;

- to provide the legal protection of industrial property objects;

- in accordance with the order defined by legislation to realize the examination of claim documents, to register the industrial property objects or to make decisions on refusing to issue patent, to keep the state register, to grant the corresponding titles of protection and to take measures in order to keep them in force;

- to consider the applications for the recognition of the rights of the initial users of industrial property objects and to make relevant decisions;

- to carry out the attestation and registration of patent agents;

- as provided by legislation, to take measures in the field of registration, legal protection and utilization of trade marks and geographical indicators

- with in the limits of its power, to control the observance to legislation by accredited bodies during the issuance of approving documents to the economic entities in the field of conformity assessment etc.


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