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Enquiry point
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Enquiry Point

The Enquiry Point was established in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade of the World Trade Organization by the Order No. 111of the Chairman of the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent Ramiz Hasanov signed on 28.07.2010.

Status of the Enquiry Point

The Enquiry Point shall operate under the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

By creating the Enquiry Point Azerbaijan has taken one of the most important steps in the direction of WTO membership. The WTO, the main objective of which is to ensure the impeded flow of global trade as much as possible, has a number of agreements designed to fulfill these goals. One of them is the Agreement on the Technical Barriers to Trade associated with the development and implementation of standard- based measures affecting the trade to reflect the WTO members’ rights and obligations. As demand, technical regulation, product standards and methods of conformity assessment, in most cases, are different in the states, the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade aims to remove barriers to trade as a result of these differences.

One of the main requirements of the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade is the notification of technical regulations that have a significant impact on trade. WTO members should submit their governments’ proposals for regulation to the Secretariat in Geneva, while other WTO members are given 60 days to submit their own comments on proposals. In addition, as the lack of information can prevent trade; the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade requires the establishment of the national Enquiry Point so that its activity serves the interested parties by informing them.

Services provided by the Enquiry Point are as follows:

- To ensure Azerbaijan’s partners in WTO with the notifications and related documents on new or revised technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures affecting trade;

-  To sent the received comments on the domestic or foreign events for the review of the relevant regulatory authority;

-  To obtain strategic information related with the design of commodities and services, production, marketing, export and import;

-  To respond to technical inquires on different issues including the national, foreign and international standards, Azerbaijan and foreign technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures.

The world network of the Enquiry Centers provides the importers with the valuable assistance. The WTO membership is of great benefit for the companies and the regulatory bodies.


Contact information of Enquiry Point on WTO/TBT located at the SCSMP:


124 Mardanov gardashlary str.

AZ 1147, Azerbaijan, Baku,

Tel: +99 449 99 59

E-mail: enquiry@azstand.gov.az


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