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General information
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General Information

1. Objectives of technical regulation and standardization are as follows:

-ensuring quality and range of products, safety of human life and health in services and processes, protecting interests of the state and consumers in the environmental protection matters;

-increasing the quality of the product according to the national economy and the needs of the population, and development of science and technology;

-ensuring conformity and mutual substitution of the product;      

-assisting to save human and material resources, improving the economic indicators of production;

-ensuring competitiveness of products on world markets and effective participation of the country in international and interstate division of labor by eliminating of technical barriers in production and trade;

- protecting economic objects taking into account the risk of natural and man-made disasters and other emergency situations;

-preparing for mobilization and assisting to improve the defense capability.

2. Principles of standardization

- The development of normative documents in the field of standardization shall be based on the mutual interests all interested parties taking into account their opinions in variety of products, quality, effectiveness, relevance of the use and their interchangeability, safety of human life, health and property, management of the protection of the environment, product designers, manufacturers;


- shall be socially, technically and economically necessary;

- shall not create barriers to international trade;

- shall not contradict to the requirements of international and regional standards;

- shall comply with the legislative norms, and the norms and guidelines of the bodies implementing control functions;    

- their requirements shall be optimal;

- shall ensure updating of requirements;

- shall be appropriate for certification;

-their text shall be understood unambiguously and shall be stated clearly and precisely;

- it shall not be allowed to use repeatedly the standards of the same standardization objects at the different levels of the organization.

3. The standardization related documents used in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan  

-  Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Standardization";

- 6 State standards that serve as a basis for state standardization system of the Republic of Azerbaijan - AZS 1.0-96, AZS 1.2-96, AZS 1.3-96, AZS 1.4-96, AZS 1.5-96, AZS 1.6-96;

- standardization related documents include also national standards of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as international, regional, and national standards of foreign countries being used according to the established rules.

4. The structures in the national standardization system  

- State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan carries out state administration on technical regulation and standardization;

- State Committee for Construction and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan carries out standardization in the field of construction;

- Other state administration bodies carry out standardization activities within their authority;

- Technical Committees (TC) deal with organization and development, consideration, coordination and preparation for approval of the state standards of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other normative documents on standardization, as well as carry out works on international (regional) standardization.


5. The international and regional standards used in of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The rules of recognition and use of international (regional) and interstate standards in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan were approved by the Presidential Decree No. 26 of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 22, 1998;

Direct use of the international (regional) standard is adopting its text in Azerbaijani language as the relevant standard of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- Currently, 4 international standards (in banking sector) have been applied in the territory of the republic. In addition there are enterprises which get international certificates on the application of ISO 9000 series international standards (covering quality management systems).

6. Activities planned to be performed in the field of standardization

- As Azerbaijan negotiating its accession to the World Trade Organization, all the works in the field of standardization shall be directed towards the elimination of technical barriers to trade. For this purpose, the national standardization system shall be adapted to the international requirements, ensuring harmonization of the national standards with the international standards;

-As the Committee is a full member of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), the expanding participation in the activities of Technical Committees of this organization shall be planned;

- Translation of the standards of the Azerbaijan state standards fund.        

7 International relations in the field of standardization

The main objectives of international relations and cooperation in the field of standardization:

- Harmonization of state standardization system of the Republic of Azerbaijan with international, regional and advanced national standardization systems of the other countries;

- Improving of normative documents on standardization on the bases of international, regional, and national standards of the other countries;

- Increasing the quality of products manufactured in the country and their competitiveness in the world markets;

- ensuring protection of interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan while developing international and regional standards;

- ensuring the uniformity of measurements with other countries;

- Mutual recognition of certification results.

The Committee represents the Republic of Azerbaijan as the national body on standardization in the following international and regional organizations functioning in the field of standardization, including:

- International Organization for Standardization (ISO);

- European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

- Interregional Standardization Association (BASB-İRSA);

- Euro-Asian Organization for Standardization (EASC MQS);

All these activities are carried out or coordinated by the Technical Regulation and Standardization Department of the Committee.


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