Standards catalogue

Azerbaijan Standardization Institute (AZSTAND) was established on April 17 2017, as national standardization body of Azerbaijan, in accordance with the Presidential Decree No.1234 “Additional measures on improvement of management in the spheres of standardization, metrology, accreditation and protection of patent law objects”.

AZSTAND’s main functions are publishing of state standards, specifications, field standards, national classifications and standards catalogues, dissemination of national and international standards, respecting copyrights and control copyrights protection in the territory of Azerbaijan in accordance with ISO POCOSA, management of the State fund of normative documents on standardization, Development and control execution of annual work plans for standardization considering offers of state bodies, private sector and interests of consumers and etc.

From following national standards catalogue, you can find national standards, which is in force in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

National standards catalogue

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